Christmas Fir Cabin Spray

Juniper Ridge

It's Back! The seasonal smell of Christmas Fir Cabin Spray by Juniper Ridge is a Christmas tree in a bottle

Scented with only wild plant-based aromatics that JR has extracted using a variety of heritage, perfume making techniques.  A formula of wildharvested Cedar, Fir and Pine from from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. 
Spray once or twice above your head and let the droplets swirl around - a clean and bright hit of the holiday spirit, the wild heart of the Pacific Northwest, a true smell everyone instantly recognizes. Because it is all-natural it is not a clingy room spray that will linger for too long - enjoy all season long.

:: 2 ounce bottle.
::comes in a beautiful gift box 
::Fragrance distilled from plants, conifers, bark, moss, mushrooms, and other things found hiking in the Oregon backcountry. 
::Crafted in small batches using steam-distillation, enfleurage, tincture, and infusion.
::made in Oakland, CA

Ingredients:Organic sugar cane alcohol; 100% natural fragrance: tree pitch, plant sap/juice, steam-distilled essential oils. Extractions of mountains trees found hiking the backcountry of the Christmas Tree forests of the Pacific Northwest.



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