Sage box


Sage, we love it! Eat it, burn it, spray it, drink it, lather in it. 

Sage is apart of the Lamiaceae family. It can be used medicinally to aid digestion, fevers, liver and gallbladder function, as well as to promote positive circulation, estrogen balance, and relaxation. Sage purifies the blood, it's an antioxidant, is incredible for sore throats, and it's a cleanser for spirit, mind, and body.  

We have put together the ultimate box for you or the Sage lover in your life. 

The box comes with 

:: CA White sage smudge stick (includes sage burning instructions)

 :: 20 bag tin of White Sage and Wild Mint tea by Juniper Ridge ( all JR products are sustainably harvested )

:: 8oz bottle of White Sage body wash by Juniper Ridge

:: Juniper Ridge White Sage room spray

:: organic sage and marshmallow lollipop by Amborellaorganics - the stick contains sage seeds that you can plant once you finish the delicious pop! (comes with planting suggestions)  

Pure cane sugar, beet sugar, corn syrup solid, spring water, organic marshmallow oil, organic basil oil, ground sage, spirulina extract, organic maltodextrin. Free of Gluten/Dairy/Nut/Soy/Artificial Dye/GMO-Free. 

:: optional ceramic sage burning bowl made in TN

:: if you would like this gift wrapped in our hand painted wrapping paper choose the free wrapping option. 

Just want the sage bundles to burn? two sizes available here.

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