Q & A with Tiny Atlas Quarterly

We are very excited to be hosting our friends at Tiny Atlas Quarterly for a month long pop-up gallery to coincide with the launch of their Kickstarter campaign to bring the online publication to print. On view are some exquisite images by a selection of Tiny Atlas contributing photographers.

So what is Tiny Atlas?  It's currently an online publication that brings together professional creatives; art directors, photographers, stylists, designers and photo assistants, giving them a forum to showcase their personal work, their travels, and their inspirations. I love this quote from the site that sums it up nicely:  

Everyone loves to travel and take pictures right?....Our job is to create images that capture a perfect moment and a perfect adventure, but always for a client.

   With Tiny Atlas we are creating these stories for ourselves and for you. And while our clients may want the ever-sunny day, we also relish a moody storm sweeping across a mountain range. With Tiny Atlas Quarterly we want to show you the places we love to travel ourselves, both high and lowbrow. We also want to show you how we    see our own backyards. This is Tiny Atlas. It’s the hired guns showing you how we like to do things. It’s the kids dance at the end of Dirty Dancing. - Emily Nathan, Editor and Chief, Tiny Atlas Quarterly

I caught up with the busy Emily Nathan, founder and Editor in Chief of Tiny Atlas, and asked her some questions about the project.

How did Tiny Atlas get started?

After I had my son I was working commercially but not on personal projects anymore. I decided to do a lifestyle project in Montana. After I shot it I realized I had a bigger project in mind!

How do you pick/find photographers for Tiny Atlas?

We look for people who are good at what we do and what we like to see. Beautiful, lifestyle pictures with a personal feel but a real sense of artistry and vision. We are very focused on natural light and lots of the great outdoors with a focus on the water and surf as well. We also know a lot of photographers!


You  are in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, tell us what your plans are for the publication and how we can support.

Thank you for asking! We are doing the kickstarter to support both our upcoming fall issue (almost all done but we need to pay for the design and build of the site part) as well as a printed annual that will be a beautiful matt print publication that showcases all the work we have done so far including this forthcoming web edition. 

We need supporters for the campaign. People can support at any level (there is a genuinely fun reward for $1) and spreading the word on social media is also great (or telling your blogging friends about us). There are also beautiful things to get on the campaign (and at Marion and Rose) including a poster, the annual, a tote bag and fine-art limited edition prints from Tiny Atlas shoots and Tiny Atlas photographers. We also have some special bespoke rewards coming out soon. We have our show up at Marion and Rose with mostly prints that are rewards on the Kickstarter campaign, but some are additional, and some are different sizes. Everything at Marion and Rose is framed and ready for the holidays though, and while most of the Kickstarter rewards will be delivered in the spring, any donations for rewards made at marion and Rose (of the prints on the walls or on the site) will be delivered (in the shop for pickup) before Christmas!

 We are going to be around on Plaid Friday too to meet people and hopefully celebrate the imminent success of the campaign which ends (pretty soon eek) December 1st. 

Framed versions of the photographs are available for purchase at Marion and Rose's Workshop through the end of November. Stop in and see how beautiful these images are in person.  PLUS if you contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, show us your receipt and get a free chocolate bar courtesy of Guittard Chocolates

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