Handcrafted Artisan Fine Goods

Marion + Rose Fine Goods
Established 2011

Marion + Rose Fine Goods (yes we changed our name slightly) is a lifestyle boutique filled with unique objects for living a life surrounded by comfort, craftsmanship and love. We carry a variety of carefully selected items by innovative designers, artisans, and craftspeople, showcasing items made with care and consciousness.. Let's get back to conscious consuming.

We seek out the perfect blend of unique and useful goods for the person and home. We work with artisans and companies who have small scale, sustainable, and ethical manufacturing processes. While many of our vendors are local, our focus is on finding items of quality and originality, a search that takes us where we need to be. 

Located at 461 9th St. Oakland, CA 94607 || 510-250-9338 ||  info@marionandrose.com

Monday - Friday 12-7pm, Saturday 12-6pm, Sunday 12-4pm



Stepping into M & R is like stepping into a classic Oakland home, fine traditional details blended with modern, contemporary living. Warm, comfortable, and friendly; Marion + Rose Fine Goods is a place where people gather – ideas are exchanged – and traditions are born.  


Behind the Scenes
Kerri Lee Johnson is an Oakland based working artist, art consultant and curator. She has a passion for art and functional design and surrounds herself with what makes her happy. The shop is a natural extension of her personal aesthetic, curating her favorite items and art together in one space to create a unique shopping experience.   

Kerri is the former co-owner and curator of Blankspace Gallery, a critically acclaimed contemporary art gallery and small shop (one of the original Art Murmur galleries) she co-founded and ran from 2006-2010. Ms. Johnson is an active member of the Bay Area small business community, she is currently the Co-Director of BayVAN (Bay Area Visual Arts Network), an art consulting company she co-founded in 2009. Ms. Johnson also founded the shop local movement Plaid Friday in 2009, the shop local alternative to the big box "Black Friday" sales day that has since turned into a national movement with critical acclaim.
Her passion for supporting small business and for Oakland runs deep, she lives by the motto "We are all in this together". Kerri proudly lives, works and plays in Oakland, CA with her husband, artist Jason Byers and their two dogs Buster and Josie.
Buster and Josie work as co-collaborators - She the little sausage shaped terror, he the handsome patroller. Together they flush out any intruders- including cats, critters and would be shoplifters.
On their days off they enjoy lounging on the couch, lounging on the back porch, lounging on the bed, playing in the backyard, and eating.
R.I.P. Buster, we miss you and will always have a place in our hearts for you buddy.