I wanted to give you the news today that I will be closing the brick and mortar shop May 25th. The Universe has a funny way of helping you make the big decisions needed that you couldn’t or wouldn’t see yourself. A big change has been hanging in the air for a while, now that it’s been set in motion things are happening fast! I am finally ready for the shift and excited to start a new chapter in my life. Eight years is long time to do anything, I am proud of what I have built and I cherish all of the relationships I’ve forged with all my vendors and customers. I will be taking some time to regroup and figure out my next steps, but working with creative people is in my blood, so we will see where my soul takes me next. The online shop will be closed for the time being. I will still be posting on Instagram, so please follow @marionandrose to see my new adventures and projects.