Making Love: Love Stories from the Makers at M & R Vol. 1

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In honor of Valentine's Day we asked some of our favorite Makers to tell us their love stories. We will be presenting their stories to you in a 3 part series we are calling Making Love: Love Stories from the Makers at M & R.  

Vol. 1 Wallter

Linda and Max are the magic duo behind *Wallter and **Modestics.  And, quite possibly, might be the perfect couple, cuties in all sense of the word.

We were interested to find out, just how did these two meet?  

In their own words:

Max and  I met as Freshman in college. We lived across the hall from each other at CCA - California College of the Arts (and Crafts - it was CCAC when we went there - I still can't say I went to CCA, I went to CCAC). He was studying Interior Architecture and I was studying Illustration. We both couldn't stand our roommates our Freshman year, so we often found each other hiding out on other parts of campus escaping dorm life.  Our friendship grew and by the end of Sophomore year we were inseparable.


Our different design aesthetics and approach at process is what brought us together after graduation to start a home accessory business. We married in 1999, the same year we started the business. Fifteen years, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a tanked economy later we've managed to keep the marriage and the business going. And I'd say we've thrived through it all. 


* Wallter creates modern designs made in the USA.  Featuring textiles, wall decor, and planters in amazing colors. 

**Modestics is a fabulous blog highlighting the small companies and independent designers that are truly making a difference in American design.

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