Outlaw Soaps: all American Makers

Marion and Rose's Workshop is setting up a big ol' exciting display for Outlaw Soaps in the shop. We are rolling out some fun new ways to help showcase the American Makers we work with.  Starting with Oakland based Outlaw Soaps who will now have a dedicated corner in the shop with a larger selection of soaps being offered. Plus, a cool laser cut wooden logo will adorn the top of the display.

Some of you may recall we did a Q & A will Danielle back in 2013. Revisit what she has to say.


Upcoming in May:

We will be working with Juniper Ridge to do a two month "Outpost" that will showcase their entire line of naturally scented and "wildcrafted" products including room sprays, teas, campers cologne and liquid soaps.


kerri johnson


kerri johnson

I cannot thank you enough for the article.Really thank you! Keep writing.

kerri johnson

love Outlaw Soaps!

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