Fall in love with Hearth Magazine: Q & A w/Brenda Fisher

I discovered Hearth Magazine as an online magazine and fell in love instantly. Started by sisters Brenda Fisher and Tonya Peterson, Hearth embodies the spirit of M&R, and I simply love their description of the magazine "Hearth Magazine is a place where stories are told. We love to feature artists and artisans that value the art of living and tradition, not the convenience of this modern world. ...This world is filled with amazing stories that are just waiting to be told. We believe that these stories are what make this world a great place to live and simply must be shared." These are two amazing sisters, the commitment and love they put into each issue really shines through.

Happily Hearth has grown into a print publication, now on Volume 4, it continues to capture "a vibrant collection of photographs and stories". (Gorgeous photographs FYI) Being such a big fan of the magazine, I was thrilled when Brenda agreed to answer some of my questions for the blog.

I invite you to discover Hearth and fall in love like I did. 

Tell us the concept behind Hearth. What inspired you to originally launch the magazine?

Hearth is about telling stories. We love to tell the stories of the people who take the time to do things right.  Tonya and I always wanted to do something that would utilize both our talents. One day, we decided to do it. 


What's it like working together as sisters and collaborators? 

I love working with Tonya. I am always amazed at how talented she is. It's been so fun to see our relationship grow and develop into something beautiful. She is my BFF. 

Do you have any funny behind the scenes stories you can share?

Although we look put together, we are a hot mess some days. I can remember many a day when work was overwhelming us so we would take a One Direction break and watch their videos. Some days that would last for two hours. 


What is your best advice for someone thinking about starting their own business? 

I think if you want something bad enough you should do what ever you can to make it work. Starting out is so hard but there are supportive people out there that want to help. 


What have been some of your biggest challenges? 

Our biggest challenge is always the financial side of the business but we are working it out, one day at a time.  



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