Like/Share II Closing reception

Saturday August 16th 3-5pm is the closing reception and last day of Like/Share II, the cell phone photography exhibition. 

Come meet the photographers AND the poets. A short reading of poems inspired by the images followed by wine and cheeses.

Morry Angell
Joe Borreson
Marissa Carlisle
Courtney McCutcheon
Robb McDonough
Gregory Mitchell
Ann Trinca

Daniel Ari
John Barrios
Allison DeLauer
Cody Gates


Placards assert the rules, sola scriptura:

these are the limits of humanity,
what is a whom and who are a they.

’Mericans, people of bright bigotry and light,
your dusty heaven assured, this Inland Empire,
this shithole, thiswhateverthefuckyoucallit,
dessicate orange groves—

your gravel engine can’t hold an idle
and the scar is turned over and sent back.
Which state do you think you’re in and for how long?

This goddamned town blisters back sense
bellicist and dry, caking your shoe tops—

it’s not the first time there were dumb animals here.
The water sliding slick from your car and your other
car and your other car, from your headless lawn

to the light crack in the asphalt where the riachuelo
used to run, a finger in the eye of the real and the real—

one-hundred thousand head pitching at right angles to everything.

Mariachi by Robb McDonough

kerri johnson

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