Artist Spotlight: Q & A with Linda Fahey

We are so excited to have the work of Linda Fahey in the shop! Her ceramic work marries beauty and functionality so perfectly that lovely art pieces slip seamlessly into your everyday routine.  Linda is a talent, so her skills don't begin and end with ceramic work, she also creates watercolors of ocean animals in a lovely blue tone ephemeral color palette.  Check out the Q & A :

Linda Fahey in her Pacifica studio

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
I am an artist/shop owner - my shop is called YONDER - it's in Pacifica and is also home to my workspace studio.  I primarily make ceramics which I sell internationally and spend a lot of time curating my small shop.  

What inspires you?
Countless things.  It's true, the curiosity is high and I have a huge list of interests, inspirations, influences. Currently, the weather, ocean horizon, and my local natural color palette, also the relationship with clay and wood, how to work those two materials together, and oddly John Singer Sargent -- I've been studying his paintings. Tall Ships and ship ephemera, scrimshaw, Caravaggio, those beautiful dark moody styled shots on IG along with 10,000 other things.

 Linda Fahey ceramics
Do you have any rituals when you are in the studio?
My studio is part of my shop -- so it's open to the public.  Since I moved to that space two years ago, I'm still learning how to utilize my space in concert with the shop.  My most consistent ritual is to get coffee every morning next door in the caboose -- a double something fixes me.

Linda Fahey ceramics at marion and rose oakland
Do you listen to podcasts or music when working? What are your fav songs/playlists or podcasts right now?
Music -- Currents from Tame Impala/Little Dragon/Classical -- and pretty much all English 80s music. 
I do listen to podcasts too, but often when I am working at home.

Linda fahey watercolor at marion and rose oakland, ca

Tell us about the shop you recently opened, Yonder Shop. What was your inspiration for opening a shop?
The shop has been open two years.  It all happened so fast; a great space came up, I was ready to expand and it just made so much sense to create a curated retail space.  I have my work, but I also carry quite a few other ceramic artists, apothecary, jewelry, textiles, books, art, paper goods, woodwork, and a few odds and ends.  I am interested in keeping things curious and interesting and though on trend, I try to find and introduce lesser known makers as well.

Linda Fahey yonder shop
Do you have any advice for artists looking to make art full time?
Yes, you have to LOVE hard work and be good at the hustle.  The making hustle, marketing hustle, and growing your line/work.  I worked 9-5 for almost 20 years -- though much of it is a labor of love, it's harder work than any other job I've ever had.  Doing it full-time puts it on a whole other level than doing it as a hobby.  

Linda Fahey ceramics

What is the name and breed of your dog? (Who is very photogenic I might add.)
Ha!  The breed is called Cirneco del'Etna -- they are what's called a primitive breed - egyptian in origin. Obie (Oberon, Obie-wan-kenobe, Obers) my new dog is my third. 

 Linda Fahey yonder shop, pacifica, ca

Who are your 3 favorite Instagram accounts right now?
this is a tough one -- there are countless feeds I like -- 

I'll give you three...

I am of late a bit obsessed with Salvatore Lanteri  

@Moondobang -- and @moondobang_ceramics (he has two) -- I like his style, not to mention his incredible work.

@Jimmarsdenphotography -- I am an avid follower of jim and look forward to every post.  I have one of his analogue film photographs and honestly the image of it floats through my mind often.  His work is pure in many ways.  

Anything else you would like us to know?
Yes, come see the shop, I'll be at West Coast Craft in November and Remodelista Market at Heath in Dec. Because I am a small batch maker, each show is new work.  Keeps it fun.  

 Linda Fahey Ceramics Linda fahey watercolor Linda Fahey ceramics

Linda can be found online at and @hey_yonder_shop on Instagram

all images courtesy of Linda Fahey

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