For Your Garden... Ceramic Herb Garden Labels

We love these herb garden labels by Paulova Ceramics! What a good idea to create nice looking, sturdy labels for your herb pots that won't wash away or get buried in dirt. Each stake is handmade with clay, color coded with glaze, and hand printed with its herb name.

We carry a few of Paula Lopez-Otero's ceramics in the shop, and all of her wares are inspired by the simple beauty and functionality of Scandinavian design. She never formally studied art in school, but received an early education at the Waldorf School in Linz, Austria, where art is an integral part of curriculum and is treated as an important subject of study.

After many years of pursuing pottery in her free time, Paula is now making a living as a full time ceramics artist. While she just recently left the Bay Area for Portland, Oregon, we've got a nice selection of her things in the shop. Come see us and we'll show you her latest creations.



Nicole Grant Kriege

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