A Week-Long Pop-in with Wallter Design - June 9-16


We first spotted husband and wife team Max and Linda Geiser of Wallter design in Sunset Magazine, and were immediately enamored with their awesomely designed textiles, coat racks, wall decor, and planters. When we found out they also run Modestics, an online shop with a bevy of solid American-made designers, we were even more excited, and started following their blog about American-made manufacturing and design. 

Lucky for us, Max and Linda are local and eager to share their wares with y'all! Join us June 9-16 for a week-long pop-in where their favorite picks from the Wallter line as well as their ever-popular bedding will be for sale in our shop. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this Q&A and get to know them a little better:

What inspired you to launch a bedding and housewares company, and who is your biggest design influence? 
We started our business in 1999, soon after we married. We needed furnishings, but couldn't find anything we liked – so we designed our own. We're motivated by so many architects, designers, artists, and filmmakers, it’s hard to pick just one influence. But I would have to say Charles and Ray Eames, because they have inspired so many others after them, and had the ability to succeed across all categories.

We love that you're committed to products that are made in the USA. Can you tell us more about this ethos and how you support it on your blog? 
We've been making products domestically since we started our business, and until recently, it's always been a struggle to get people to understand the value in American-made. We want to recognize the small companies and independent designers that are truly making a difference in American design. They are the ones pushing the trend forward. There's more to American-made than what comes out of Detroit.

What are some of your favorite pieces you're selling right now?
I've always loved The Slat Rack. It's incredibly functional. So much so, that the three we have in our house are so loaded up with jackets, backpacks, and magazines, you can't even see the design. 

What's it like being part of a husband and wife team?
It's great. We can totally argue and battle at the studio, but we learned long ago that work needs to stay at work. We don't bring any of the drama home. Although I'm sure our kids would say we do... 

What else are you up to these days?
Promoting the crap out of American-made modern with Modestics. And designing more outdoor products, made in the USA, of course.

Photo by Sunset Magazine

Nicole Grant Kriege

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