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Check Out Our Mason Jars Turned Travel Mugs

This 4th of July we're going to be imbibing in style, mmmkay? We just got in our Cuppow lids, which turns mason jars into stylish travel mugs, and we even have a selection of blue mason jars just ready for gussying up.

We love that Cuppows are made in America (Somerville, MA to be exact) and with recyclable, BPA-free plastic. Check out the handy dandy infographic below to see how these puppies work. We've got 'em in regular and wide-mouth sizes.

Thanks to local jeweler Sharon Zimmerman for tipping us off to the fact that they exist.

By the way, we're going to be closed on July 3rd and 4th, so you may want to get your Cuppows (in our online shop or in the store) sooner rather than later. Have a Happy America Day!

CUPPOW!fromPaper FortressonVimeo.

Nicole Grant Kriege
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Home Kitchen Linens! A Q&A with Studiopatró Designer, Christina Weber

We can't get enough of the linen home goods from Studiopatró. While founder Christina Weber is a locally-based designer, she may seem more like a big shot based on her recent success. Read what she has to say...
Nicole Grant Kriege
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Wallter Design is Popping In! Now in the Shop


The Wallter Design week-long pop-in is officially here in the shop! Our windows are looking downright festive, don't you think? Last night we celebrated their arrival at an opening reception that drew lots of folks who wanted to check out the merch and meet the husband and wife who designed them.

UPDATE: Wallter will be here through the end of June! But you'd better act fast if you want to get the goods, their items are going quickly!

Max and Linda Geiser are such a sweet couple – some of you may have already seen the Q&A we did with them right here on the blog, which covered the inspiration behind their Eames-esque housewares. They were wonderful hosts, chit chatting with local fans and people passing through the shop on the way to dinner downtown. It didn't hurt that the white wine and French lemonade were flowing, the macarons were fresh from Miette, and the ginger cake was homemade!

Here are a few snaps that capture some of what's in the pop-up. Mobiles and planters and pillows, oh my. We can't get enough.


The pop-up will be going on through June 16th. Please be our guests and come check out the goods!

Mike Kabler of Oaktown Blooms with Marion and Rose store owner Kerri Johnson 


Photos by Nicole Grant Kriege


Nicole Grant Kriege
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A Homemade Summer Cocktail for a Sunny Three-Day Weekend

This recipe made it into our Facebook feed, and we couldn't resist sharing it with you all! With a sunny three-day weekend coming up, we hope you've reserved some time in your calendar for some inspired imbibing. Because it'd almost be a crime to turn down a lemon-infused summer cocktail on a warm day.

This recipe came to us courtesy of our friends in Brooklyn at W+P Design, who are also the inventors of a new item in our shop – the Mason Shaker. Not your ordinary cocktail shaker, it's inspired by the iconic Mason Jar and the designers' obsession with vintage kitchenware. After one too many mint juleps poured from a poorly-modified Mason Jar one summer, the idea for a better (and cooler) cocktail shaker hit them like a double shot of whiskey. After a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the Mason Shaker was born.

Lucky for us, it's now for sale in our shop! You can purchase it in our online store or just pop on down to the shop to pick it up in person. At $34, it makes for the perfect housewarming gift for drink lovers.

Happy cocktailing!




Nicole Grant Kriege
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Put an Anchor on It!

Forget the expression, "put a bird on it." We prefer anchors! And aren't these new items from Hartstone Pottery darling? We love how they've taken the utilitarian mug, fashioned it out of the finest stoneware, and gussied it up with a sailing theme.

Hartstone has a pretty interesting backstory. They're located in Zaneville, Ohio, a river town founded in 1797 by pioneer farmers who saw an opportunity to make pottery because of the rich clay on the banks. For over 40 years, Hartstone has been continuing the pottery heritage of the region, and some of their employees come from a line of several generations of potters.

They're known for making beautiful, hand crafted ceramics that stand the test of time, and some of their designs from over the years are now collectible. Using the quality materials they find in their own backyard, their products are handmade out of vitrified stoneware clay, high-fired and hand painted. (And lucky for us, they are microwave and dishwasher safe.) We love supporting this time-honored craft by carrying this heirloom quality line in our shop!  Shop for these beauty's online here.

Nicole Grant Kriege
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Our Top Picks for Mother's Day

We can't believe it's May already! Time is really flying, and the sun seems to get warmer every day. Don't forget to draw a heart in your calendar around the date of May 12th for Mother's Day, and start thinking about that perfect, sentimental gift for the mama who made you. We've have a really lovely assortment of things for moms in the shop right now. Come on down and visit us, and we'll show you what we have in mind:

Cards from Rifle and Sugar Cube Press.


Linen towels and risotto spoons by Studiopatró, made right here in Oakland.


Pepper mills hand crafted by a local maker out of Oakland, exclusively for our shop. The use of reclaimed wood assures that none will be exactly alike.

Professional quality aprons by Studiopatró, combining beauty and function with a pocket and a loop for dish towel. The servers at Tamarindo restaurant in downtown Oakland wear these proudly.

Salt and pepper pinch pots by Paulova Ceramics. 

And in case you're mom likes to unwind in the tub, consider putting together a little pampering kit for her. Native State bath salts and a Kinfolk magazine should do the trick.

We also have an ever expanding picnic selection. Maybe mom would like a little picnic basket assembled by you?

Nicole Grant Kriege
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Time for a picnic! We've got Peterboro Baskets

Our baskets have arrived from Peterboro Basket Company, and my, are they beautiful. They make us want to grab a bottle of rose, forage some vittles, and spread out on the banks of Lake Merritt for a sunny picnic.

For more than 150 years, a family owned business in the heart of Peterborough, New Hampshire has been crafting these baskets, and they have it down to a science. We're happy to be helping them keep this New England tradition alive. We've got all shapes and sizes, like the large laundry basket, picnic basket, square waste basket, and storage basket. Come on down to the shop and check 'em out! 

Nicole Grant Kriege
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Peg and Awl Bags... We've Got 'Em

Our first shipment of bags from Peg & Awl arrived a few weeks ago, and we couldn't be more thrilled. They are such a fine example of the goods we like to carry here at the shop – quality handiwork by artisans who are fiercely dedicated to their craft.

Peg & Awl are a husband and wife team out of Pennsylvania. They started the company in 2009 when Walter returned from a year long tour in Iraq. Their first item he created was a beautiful oak tub caddy (it went viral on Pinterest), and since then, together they have created many lovely products from reclaimed leather, vintage fabrics, and the wood of old barns that have been around since the 1800s.

We have quite an assortment of their bags, satchels, and waxed pouches at the shop, and we hope you'll come and see them! Most of them are made from a sturdy waxed canvas that's waterproof, can be wiped down, and only gets better with age. 

Nicole Grant Kriege
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The New Old

We are so excited to welcome a new vendor to the shop, Faribault Mills.

Faribault Woolen Mill Company is an American legend. This historic mill is nestled along the Cannon River in Minnesota.  The only fully integrated domestic woolen operation still in existence - making blankets, throws and accessories, using techniques and machinery virtually unchanged over time. Each day, they weave fibers and American pride into goods with a simple beauty and durability of purpose - destined to become family heirlooms for generations to come. Founded in 1856, the 147-year-old story continues.

I love Faribault's business philosophy on their website.. And while our products are current and forward thinking, the techniques and machinery used to make them are virtually unchanged - now in the hands of a fifth generation of craftspeople who, each day, weave luxurious fibers and American pride together into something very special.

Perhaps it’s this history that gives Faribault Woolen Mill its long-view perspective about how a company should be run and how products should be made to perform. Perhaps it’s also what inspired a new generation of family owners to revive the tradition and machines that had recently lain dormant for two years - revitalizing a community and creating a new sense of purpose - reestablishing our heritage and combining it with an optimistic focus on the future.

kerri johnson
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