I wanted to give you the news today that I will be closing the brick and mortar shop May 25th. The Universe has a funny way of helping you make the big decisions needed that you couldn’t or wouldn’t see yourself. A big change has been hanging in the air for a while, now that it’s been set in motion things are happening fast! I am finally ready for the shift and excited to start a new chapter in my life. Eight years is long time to do anything, I am proud of what I have built and I cherish all of the relationships I’ve forged with all my vendors and customers. I will be taking some time to regroup and figure out my next steps, but working with creative people is in my blood, so we will see where my soul takes me next. The new online shop for Drawn by Water is up or shop the ETSY page. I am now posting on Instagram under the new adventure so please follow @drawnbywater to see my new adventure and projects.

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Stocking Stuffers and small gift ideas

It's that time of year again! We compiled some of our favorite stocking stuffers and small gift giving ideas for those Secret Santa parties. We are happy to help you put together sets that fit your price point.

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Candle Care tips

Candle Care

Candles require a little TLC to get the best burn. Your candle is made with soy wax, a raw wick, and fragrance oils that flux due to room temperature, sunlight, and burn time. It can be a bit tricky at first but with these few pointers, your candles will be burning smooth in no time.  


The first burn is the most important burn! Soy wax has a memory. Always burn long enough to create a wax pool from edge-to-edge on the top of your candle. This will reduce memory rings, and increase the burn life of your candle. A good rule of thumb would be to give your candle 1 hour of burn time for every 1/2 inch in diameter. For example, if your vessel is 2 inches in diameter, let your candle burn for 4 hours. That being said, never leave a candle unattended. 

Optimal room temperature for your candle is between 70-75°F. Burning your candle in a cold room, in an area with large drafts of wind, on a cold surface, or in direct sunlight can all negatively impact your burn results. 

Raw Materials

Working with raw materials can require a bit more attentiveness at times. Your candle may require multiple lightings before the wick gets going. 


If your candle has a raw cotton wick, always be sure to keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" (keep the wick longer for the first burn).


Once your candle has reached the end of its life, repurpose the vessel. Microwave in 10 second increments until you are able to carefully remove the wick tab. Hand wash with hot water. Plant your favorite drought tolerant plant - voila!

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tips for staying healthy during wildfires

We are sharing some of the tips and info for staying healthy during wildfires. 

Home Made Air Filter 

Healthy tips on how to Detox after Wildfire Smoke Inhalation

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the California Department of Public Health recommend “N95” respirators or “P100” masks, both of which are approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for health care workers and firefighters.

Those simple-but-sophisticated masks are intended to block at least 95 percent of the hazardous and tiny particulate matter — known as PM2.5 — that spews from wildfire smoke. At 2.5 microns or less in diameter, the particles of PM2.5 can’t even be seen by the naked eye, said Dr. John Balmes, a professor of environmental health sciences at the University of California-Berkeley. (For comparison, a human hair can measure as little as 16 microns in diameter.)

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Spirit Photography

The invention of the Polaroid instant camera changed the world and made photography accessible to the amateur photographer of any age or skill level.  One of the unexpected uses has been people capturing images that could be of the spectral plane variety with their cameras- from floating orbs to the famous ghost writing incident that took place in CA in the 1980’s.   Listen to the Snap Judgement episode featuring interviews with the home owner.

Buy the pin here

We've gathered some links on how to use photography in your next ghost hunt. If you find any orbs or mists please let us know...we are dying to see some.  (wink wink)

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SKUE Holiday Pop-Ups

This holiday season we’ve partnered with SKUE to present local maker pop-ups. 

SKUE is a collective for makers to get retail ready and build lasting
relationships with independent stores.
Woll Jewelry
Ende Collective
Ende Collective
Penny Royale
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Plaid Weekend?

Plaid Weekend is many things. This year in Oakland it is two days of local love- Plaid Friday- the shop local alternative to the big box “Black Friday”  and Small Business Saturday- a perfect way to kick off the holidays by shopping local and supporting small business.

Did we mention that IT’S OUR 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! Holy Moly, we can’t believe it. We are celebrating by thanking our customers with some fantastic offerings:

-Chance to win a Faribault throw blanket

-The first 50 people to spend $50 get a free goody bag with a limited edition  exclusive M + R scent candle by Illuminate Waxworks, a mini chocolate bar by Endorfin foods and surprise discounts from 10% to 50% off. 

  • nibble delicious cookies by Hen House
  • Sample Juniper Ridge White Sage and Wild mint tea
  • We’ve partnered with SKUE to present local maker pop-ups with Zelma Rose and Company Confections


Maker Pop-up with VARTAN 12-4pm

Vartan textile studio is located in downtown San Francisco, where we find inspiration in both the romantic and practical purposes of a simple piece of cloth. We use modest and often ancient construction methods, such as Japanese Shibori dyeing techniques and delicate hand-rolled hems, to create thoughtfully-crafted pieces made from the highest quality fabrics and dyes.

Some History of Plaid Friday

Founded in 2008, Plaid Friday is a national movement to support independent businesses during the busiest shopping day of the year. The plaid symbolizes the weaving together of individual small businesses to create a strong community fabric that celebrates diversity, creativity, and unique offerings. This year the City of Oakland, Oakland Grown and Townsquared have partnered up to make Plaid Friday a weekend long celebration of small business in Oakland. Oakland's Plaid Friday Weekend is the perfect way to shop, eat, and indulge with your loved ones while exploring the many vibrant businesses in Oakland.  Can you believe there is even free parking all weekend long! 


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We are huge fans of Faribault, carrying their products since the day we opened our doors.  So we are thrilled to be hosting John Tusher from Faribault Woolen Mill for a one day trunk show.  John will be showcasing the latest holiday collection, and answering questions about the 152 year old heritage mill.  
The event will include piles of gorgeous blankets and the latest lifestyle products.
PLUS one lucky guest will win a free throw! 
Special treats and hot cider
Free gift wrapping for Faribault items purchased during the event
    We hope to see you there!


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    Summer Sunday Maker Pop-up Series

    Yes, that is a mouth full, but we wanted you to remember it! 

    Marion + Rose Fine Goods, OwlNWood and E14 Gallery have teamed up to present a Summer Sunday Maker Series. Showcasing some of the Bay Areas talented designers and artists, the pop-ups will be every
    Sunday from 12-4pm now through September 24th.
    JULY 16TH
    Vintage You  +  artist Nick Motley
    In-Situ jewelry
    Crafted by hand in a small studio in Santa Cruz, California. Designer/ maker Suzanne Lydia is captivated by the process of transforming raw metals and stones into pieces of true beauty.

    Manino Leather Goods
    Journals-wallets-cardholders and tote bags made from scraps, remnants and repurposed leather. Hand made and one of a kind. Based in the Bay Area

    Nick Motley
    Oakland based Painter

    Oakland Printing Company
    Specializes in letterpress, embossing and gold foil stamping. Locally producing their specialty paper, and leather goods out of their shop in west oakland.

    Vintage You
    Vintage home goods and accessories
    JULY 23RD
    Akira's Book Club
    series of books focusing on helping children learn the alphabet and grammatical terms and other key developmental skills
    Oakland Street Stylers
    handmade, sustainable, educational goods and prints celebrating California’s unique biodiversity and natural history.
    Dawn Kathryn Studio
    Original art work lovingly hand printed. Handmade felt animal masks, tshirts and more,
    Rosesharon Oates
    Working mainly on wood panels, she burns in detailed lines, etching, and shading with a soldering iron before applying acrylic washes to create powerful visual stories.
    Shapes & Colors is a San Francisco based modern home decor and accessories line that brings thoughtful, happy, slow design into everyday life.
    JULY 30th
    Fulaba Jewelry
    Fulaba represents the woman who holds herself high with honor and dignity and enjoys accentuating her beauty with jewelry and accessories inspired by the ancient Fulani tradition. 
    Ojodelasol Salves + Oils
    Cannabis healing salves and oils
    Paper Pony Press

    Paper Pony Co. is a line of illustrated goods by Talia E. Gavish located in Oakland, California. Like the temperament of an actual pony, she describes her style as adorably moody: cute to look at but packed with attitude! Sustainability, transparency, and mindful customer service are important values that drive the brand.

    September 17th
    We are excited to welcome Vssel for their first pop-up in Oakland. 
    Vssel leather goods are Handmade in Santa Cruz and feature high grade leather and top quality rivets, stitching and detailing.  
    The design is strikingly simple, clean, and beautiful.  

    Grab one for yourself or as a gift for someone special. 
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    Mike's Hot Honey Brussels Sprouts Recipe

    Mike's Hot Honey is well known throughout the NYC area and now it's making a splash here on the West Coast.  We are excited to sell it in the shop and wanted to share one of our favorite recipes from The Mike's Website.  Enjoy! 

    Mike's Hot Honey Bacon & Parm Brussels Sprouts

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    Recycled metal bottle opener in the shape of California

     Fun and functional, these recycled metal bottle openers made in the shape the state of California.  These metal bottle openers make a great housewarming gift, birthday gift Father'd Day gift.  Add it to your man cave or give it away to someone dreaming of California.  

    The bottle openers are made from recycled metal made in the U.S.A. by a company in Minnesota. buy now.

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    Artist Spotlight: Q & A with Michael McConnell

    Michael McConnell is one of my favorite people, so I am always super excited to have his work in the shop. His latest exhibit You Are Here, opens Thursday, May 12th and runs through June 12th. The reception May 12th is from 5:30-8:30pm, featuring treats from Natty Cakes.  Check out the Q & A 

    Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
    I tend to be a very active person, always on the go. I own a small coffee shop/ retail space in the Mission District (Faye’s Coffee & Video) and help raise an 11 year old with my complicated Bay Area "family”. As if those things don't take up enough of my time, I try to have a steady studio practice where I've been exploring the ideas of domesticity.  

    What inspires you?
    I am inspired by the complexity and simplicity of relationships, whether it is examining my own personal human relationships of the past and present, or the way that if you put an orange next to an apple the reflective color effects both of their coloring. I see myself as very observant and I am constantly taking in things around me and being effected by them.  Often this overwhelms me a bit and so you'll find me zoning out or scrolling madly through my instagram feed that is also another source of inspiration. I love being able to see what my artist friends are up to on the east coast or building relationships through imagery with people I've never met.

    Do you have any rituals when you are in the studio?
    When I am in my studio I am often listening to music and drinking coffee. I frequently have more then one project going at a time and I bounce around between them.  I have 3 other studio mates and we often have lunch together and check in with each other on the progress of our work. I also am very messy, but I know exactly where everything is in my mess.


    Do you listen to podcasts or music when working? What are your fav songs/playlists or podcasts right now?
    I do not listen to podcasts or books on tapes in my studio, or ever really. I honestly have a hard time comprehending when someone reads aloud to me.  But I do listen to a lot of music, even though I consider myself musically challenged. What I mean by that is that I never know really what I am listening too. I'll let Pandora or Spotify randomly choose things or I'll listen to mixes that my brother has made me.  I am drawn to music that have good lyrics… i like the words. A few of my favorites that I'll use as a jumping off point are Monsters of Men, Frightened Rabbit, Mates of State and The Avett Brothers.


    Do you have any advice for other artists?
    My advice to other artists is just keep making work in your own voice. The art world is so crazy and I don't think there are any rules so don't try to make sense of it. Things happen when they happen. I was with a pretty substantial Bay Area Gallery for years, and after they closed I've joust been sort of drifting around. It would be great to at some point have the stability of a gallery (in LA hopefully) but until then I'll just keep making work.


    What are your 3 favorite instagram accounts right now? 
    Three instagram accounts that I love… that's hard because there are so many… but I really love Dailydoodlegram, knitboy1, and lindsayvictorialee.  I also follow some crazy taxidermists that I love seeing as well. 

    Michael McConnell can be found on Instagram @poopingrabbit

    and online at

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