drawn by water

I am elated to introduce my new project drawn by water! 

This new project is born from my love of paper, especially greeting cards.  Cards were one of my favorite things to order and sell to my customers at M+R. There was something special about knowing that each card was purchased with intention and care- whether it be for a celebration of a life event, an acknowledgement of a passing, a kick ass encouragement, or a sweet hello friend. The cards went to someone special, I still enjoy thinking about how a simple act like giving a card can carry the possibility of so much love and gratitude. 

The greeting cards and objects I am creating for drawn by water are made for sending good vibes & encouragement for any occasion.  I am starting the line with my own designs and envision growing into adding collaborative designs and products.  

Creating my own new art and products + the thought of working with other artists and creators again is so inspiring and motivating.  I am super excited to start this new endeavor and I hope you follow along with me as I grow! 

Why drawn by water

I'm a Cancer 🦀 my love for the water-rain, rivers and especially the ocean weaves itself throughout my life and finds its way as a reoccurring theme into whatever I am doing, my artwork, my businesses and my sacred places. 

It felt natural to name my next project after what is intrinsic to me - I am drawn by water. 

 Plus, I am never going to walk away from a good play on words- I've worked with watercolors throughout my art making endeavors and so much of my art was, well, drawn by water..... wink wink.....

NOTE: you will be seeing the name @drawnbywater replacing @marionandrose on my social media and website links.  M+R lives on forever in my soul, drawn by water is the next natural progression, as they say-  from every ending starts a new beginning.