Marion + Rose Fine Goods opened in 2011.  Described as a lifestyle boutique, the shop was filled with unique objects for living a life surrounded by comfort, craftsmanship and love. Over 8 years I worked with hundreds of small artisan owned companies that produce quality goods that will last the test of time. 

Owner/Creative Director Kerri Lee Johnson is an artist, curator and small business enthusiast.  In 2009 Ms. Johnson started a a shop local movement called Plaid Friday to help support local businesses the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally known as a big box sales day, she envisioned a shop local alternative as an antidote to the craziness that supported small business and bolstered community awareness of local biz all year long. The name Plaid Friday comes from the idea of weaving diverse small businesses together to create a strong woven fabric of community.  Supported by the City of Oakland the day has become an integral part of the small business holiday sales season.   

Community background: From 2006-2011 Kerri co-curated and operated an artist run gallery called Blankspace Gallery

Co-founder BayVAN artist registry and art consulting 

Original member of the Oakland Art Murmur, working with a handful of other small galleries, helped shape and lay the groundwork for the popular monthly event that now attracts over 20k visitors per month.