Help Marion & Rose's Workshop Grow

Hello Marion & Rose Community,

I am asking for your support for a Kiva Loan I am trying to fund to help grow Marion and Rose's Workshop.


Here's how it works: those who are first-time Kiva Zip lenders and loan through an invitation link will have their loans matched by friends of Kiva Zip. So please use the link. Here is the invitation link one more time:


more info:

What is a Kiva? Kiva loans are crowd funded loans, instead of making a donation, you lend and get re-repaid over 24 months.

You can lend as little as $5! This is a loan, not a donation, so you will get your money back as I repay my loan. Every dollar helps get me to the goal!!

The total funds I am asking to borrow is $10,000.00 The money will be used to hire a staff person and for me to begin working with American makers to produce custom products. Read more below:


What do I want this money for? 

The loan will be used to create a series of custom products with American craftspeople and manufacturers. Each items produced will have a gift back component attached to each sale, with a percentage of profits to go to small non-profits and community organizations. For example I will be working with ceramic artist to create a van shaped piggy bank, 10% of the profits will go to meals on wheels. The ultimate goal of creating the products is to help create jobs by supporting domestic manufacturing and to give money to organizations that have a positive impact on the community by lending a helping hand or a chance at a acquiring skills for new career.

I thank you in advance for your help, please let me know if you have any questions. Please share this to the world!


Thanks again, 



kerri johnson

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