Kiva Loan update

We have 17 days left to fully fund the loan. We are at 91% funded right now and looking at the finish line- it's totally possible to reach the mark with your help. Here is what will get us to the finish line:

lenders at $100

11.5 lenders at $75

16 lenders at $50

35 lenders at $25


Hey, can I borrow five bucks? 

If I asked you that question in person, odds are you would say sure, no problem.  Ok, so can I borrow 5 bucks? 

I am in the midst of a trying to get a KIVA loan funded and your five dollars can help get me to my goal. Here's the great thing about KIVA, this is a LOAN, NOT a donation, so any money you contribute will be paid back to you over the next 24 months, by me the lender.  You can have a hand in helping me grow my business. 

Find out all the details about what the money will be used for here... but the elevator pitch version is that money will go to making products with American makers- a 
 % of all profits from the products will go to small non-profits and community organizations.  (Oh, and hopefully with this money I can hire an employee to help me out) Yep, one woman show over here! 

New lenders that come to Kiva Zip 
through this special link will be matched up to $100. So please use and share this link with everyone you know:

Thank you so much for your support of the shop. If you can help by becoming a lender, that would be great. If you can't afford to lend money, you can still help out by liking and sharing the info from our blog or social media to your friends and social media community.

We are all in this together, my success comes from a community of support.

kerri johnson

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