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Outlaw Soaps... A Q&A with Danielle Vincent

Outlaw Soaps... A Q&A with Danielle Vincent
Nicole Grant Kriege
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It's Wedding Season at the Shop!

It's wedding season here at Marion & Rose! And more and more folks are coming into the shop – either to find the perfect, heirloom-quality wedding present or a card that lovingly celebrates the tying of a knot. 

And you know what wedding season means… lots of anniversaries happening as well! Our jewelry cases are chalk full of unique, one-of-a-kind items by local metalsmiths that are keep-sake worthy and could be worn until you're old and grey.

Come visit us, and we'll show you what we've got for the love birds in your life!

Nicole Grant Kriege
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For the Dreamers Out There... The Nonplanner Datebook!

We thought we'd take a moment to spotlight a product that's been super popular in the shop – the Nonplanner Datebook! Keri Smith, an illustrator and author for Little Otsu in Portland, got the idea to create a datebook for people who prefer unstructured thinking, and the outcome is sheer brilliance.

Turn to any one of its pages, and you'll find non-traditional lists, whimsical journal entries, empty thought bubbles, idea maps, monthly calendars, and more.

This is not your average datebook! It's much more free form.

Doesn't this planner make you want to just throw your boring to-do list out the door, dust off your big ideas, and get brainstorming?

It's a great gift idea for all of the artists, dreamers, creatives, big picture thinkers, zen meditators, innovators, and freedom lovers in your life. Come on down and pick one up at the shop! Or, if you're too busy to stop by, you can purchase it in our online shop as well. 

Nicole Grant Kriege
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Vegan Goodness in Chickpea Quarterly Magazine

We're now proudly carrying Chickpea Magazine in the shop! It's a beautifully designed vegan print quarterly inspired by the hipsterfood – a popular blog started by Cara and Bob (pictured below) who post all kinds of expertly photographed vegan eats and recipes for their foodie followers.

Chickpea showcases a their favorite things in the vegan world at the moment, whether a personal story, a new book, a great recipe, or photographs that capture the essence of the season at hand. The magazine supports a whole-foods, plant-based way of life, but offers recipes that anyone can try.

We have the summer issue in the shop currently, and we can attest that it's a goodie. The features include fresh fruit desserts, a trip to the berry patch, a vegan travel guide to the south, a summer skin survival guide, refreshing chilled soups, and a tribute to the farmer's market.

And, of course, we'll have the Fall Issue in the shop this October. Some of the features include: make your own hard apple cider, fair trade vanilla, jam-making, dating omnivores, DIY candle holders, an ode to oats, and a Portland, OR city guide. We can't wait to check it out – it's sure to be chalk full of autumnal inspiration. 

Nicole Grant Kriege
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Tea Towels from The Heated: A Q&A with Artist Cristina Espinosa

If you haven't checked out our tea towels from The Heated yet, you're in for a treat! The Heated is a local screen printing venture by artist Cristina Espinosa – a super talented lady with a sweet side and a wicked sense of humor to boot. She was one of our first vendors in the shop, and her dish towels just get more popular as she comes up with more fun illustrations. Right now we've got her Get Awesome, Sutro Tower, and Owls dish towels in stock, and are planning on ordering her new Golden Gate Bridge design for the Fall. Here's a Q&A with Cristina:
How did you get into screen printing, and what's your arts background?
Years ago, I worked for a company that screen printed t-shirts for punk rock bands. My position was in sales so I never actually printed anything but it definitely got me interested. When my own band needed merchandise, I took the plunge and learned how to screen print. As far as my arts background goes, I had no professional training when I started The Heated. I'd always kept a notebook of my little drawings but never thought to study it in school. I've since taken a basic drawing course at CCSF so now I'm totally legit. 

You make so many cute towels. Which are your current faves?
My favorites right now are Sutro Tower and Cedar. I love how the current wave of San Francisco residents have made Sutro Tower their own, especially since the tower was so contentious when it was first built. Cedar is making me happy because of the detail I was able to get from using a small branch of cedar as my stencil to burn the screen instead of my usual computer print-outs. Nature is clearly a superior designer!
How do you create the illustrations on your towels?
These days, I start with a pencil sketch that eventually becomes a pen drawing (I like black Pilot Precise V5 pens). Often times, I clean it up on the computer, upping the contrast and fine-tuning to make sure that it will be a good, clear stencil. In screen printing, there are no shades of gray so making a crisp, clear black and white image is my goal. 
We love that The Heated is also a band! How can we have a listen, and what's the band up to these days?
You can listen to our music online and both of my (completely home-recorded) albums are also available on iTunes. Music has really taken a back seat to screen printing these days. I'd much rather be home printing than in a bar, waiting around for a show to finish before I can load out my gear and go to sleep. 

We keep seeing your stuff around town at all sorts of indie fairs. Do you have any events in your calendar for this fall?
I definitely get my craft show hustle on all over! I'll be at the Urban Air Market in San Francisco's Hayes Valley on September 15th. I'll also be at the Mission Community Market every third Thursday through October and the Bluxome Winery's Meet Market this Saturday, August 31st. I'm pretty good about keeping my website up to date so you can go to my events page for the latest information on where I'll be selling next.
Nicole Grant Kriege
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Day Tripping Inspiration from Quail Lane Press

With a long, lazy Labor Day weekend almost upon us, and some new limited edition and hand water colored letterpress pieces in the shop by Quail Lane Press, we're feeling inspired to do some day tripping! We posted up some of the photos below to Instagram with our ideas for some weekend excursions (pretty please, follow us on Instagram if you don't already), and got all kinds of love from folks who can't wait to load up their gear and skip town. We hope these photos make you want to get out and get going on a California adventure.


Weekend excursion #1 – Pt. Reyes. Doesn't that red plaid Faribault blanket make you want to plop down and enjoy a hearty picnic while observing the antlered elk of Point Reyes? We asked folks where they want to take their next day trip and got a bunch of fun answers – Pescadero, Boonville, Napa, Healdsburg, Stinson, Memorial Park, Tilden, Muir Beach, and China Beach. Just don't forget your anchor mugs by Harstone Pottery and mason cocktail shaker.

Weekend excursion #2 - Monterey Bay. 
If you have a hankering for some beach-side clam chowder, perhaps Monterey Bay is calling your name. Be sure to pack your waxed canvas satchel by Peg & Awl, Kinfolk Magazine, infinity scarf by DDCCSF, woolen iPad sleeve by Willow & Company, and mason jar with Cuppow lid.

Weekend excursion #3 – Anywhere on the California Coast. You can't go wrong on a sunny day, as long as you've got your camera on hand to capture the majesty. Leather camera strap by Uniforma and waxed canvas lunch bag by Peg & Awl.


And just look at this next letterpress piece celebrating the San Francisco Bay. *sigh* There's almost no need to day trip when we live in such a beautiful place.

Nicole Grant Kriege
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Seasonal and Sweet – A Q&A with Rachel of Blue Chair Jams

With all of the amazing press and accolades that Blue Chair has gotten recently, it's sometimes hard to believe that their kitchen is right here in Oakland. Rachel Saunders, their head jammer, is a visionary with a penchant for creating seasonally inspired artisan marmalades and jams in tiny batches in traditional French copper jam kettles.

She loves to share her know-how with the local community, and you'll often spot her or another one the of Blue Chair staff out at farmers markets peddling preserves, as well as The Blue Chair Jam CookbookWith figs, tomatoes, apples, grapes, stone fruits coming into season in September and October, you can bet she's going to have a busy Fall. Here's a Q&A with Rachel:

We hear you studied jam-making for 10 years before you launched Blue Chair. What was the research process like?
It was an extremely arduous process of trial and error. I spent all my free time pursuing jam and fruit, and had many days of despair and torment. Mastering the art of jam making is not for the faint of heart!! When people taste my jams today, they cannot imagine what it took to get where I am; I make it look easy now. I am a true believer in the 10,000-hours theory of mastery. And 10,000 hours is just the beginning!!

Do you really still make all of the jams by hand? What are some of your most exciting creations? Yes; all of our jams are completely handmade. Every flavor is exciting! We just cooked a nectoplum jam – a rare hybrid fruit of white nectarine and plum. We also just did a tomato and Adriatic fig jam.

It's pretty cool that you host jam-making classes. What's coming up in the schedule? I absolutely love to teach, because I love people and I love the chance to share some of what I know. My next classes are a Jam 101 class at Ramekins in Sonoma on September 6 and a Flavor Construction class at our kitchen in Oakland on September 8. Information about both is on our website. In mid-September, I go to Seattle to teach for several days at the Pantry at Delancey.

It seems like you guys are always out at the local farmer's markets. Where can we catch you here in the East Bay? Grand Lake on Saturdays from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. and Temescal on Sundays from 9 a.m. -1 p.m.

How can locals support you and stay in touch? The best way to follow us is on Facebook or Twitter; our name is bluechairfruit. You can also join our mailing list on our website for news about classes and new flavors!  

Of course, you can always find a selection of Rachel's latest creations for Blue Chair at Marion and Rose's Worksop! 

Nicole Grant Kriege
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Reinvent Your Desk or Office Space – Our Back-To-School Stuff is On Sale!


The summer months are coming to a close, and with September right around the corner, it's time to dust off your dreams, get reinspired, and go out and kick some butt. Whether you are headed back to school or jump starting a new project, it's a good time to clear out the old clutter and reinvent your work or study space.

Lucky for you, we're throwing a big sale in August to make way for new Fall merchandise, and all of our desk and office friendly back-to-school stuff is 20% off. The cute things in the photo above are sure to make your shopping list:

Lunch Bags by Peg & Awl
Made of sturdy, wipe-down-able waxed canvas.

America the Beautiful Field Notes
Limited edition and ready for note taking and doodling.

Woolen Laptop and iPad Bags
Technology looks so much better when accessorized.

Handwoven Trash Basket by Peterboro
Made by a family in New Hampshire for 150 years.

JFish Wall Planters
Slipcasted ceramics made at the Berkeley Potters Guild.

Nicole Grant Kriege
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Check Out Our Mason Jars Turned Travel Mugs

This 4th of July we're going to be imbibing in style, mmmkay? We just got in our Cuppow lids, which turns mason jars into stylish travel mugs, and we even have a selection of blue mason jars just ready for gussying up.

We love that Cuppows are made in America (Somerville, MA to be exact) and with recyclable, BPA-free plastic. Check out the handy dandy infographic below to see how these puppies work. We've got 'em in regular and wide-mouth sizes.

Thanks to local jeweler Sharon Zimmerman for tipping us off to the fact that they exist.

By the way, we're going to be closed on July 3rd and 4th, so you may want to get your Cuppows (in our online shop or in the store) sooner rather than later. Have a Happy America Day!

CUPPOW!fromPaper FortressonVimeo.

Nicole Grant Kriege
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Home Kitchen Linens! A Q&A with Studiopatró Designer, Christina Weber

We can't get enough of the linen home goods from Studiopatró. While founder Christina Weber is a locally-based designer, she may seem more like a big shot based on her recent success. Read what she has to say...
Nicole Grant Kriege
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Our Picks for Father's Day... June 16!

Father's Day is fast approaching, and it's time to start thinking about what to get your "computer hacker, bike fix-it guy, story teller, wood chopper, trash man, tent setter-upper, jedi ninja," aka, your Dad. (thanks, Sugarcube Press for the choice words). Lucky for you, we've got a whole slew of gentlemanly items here in the shop that will ensure your Pop gets a thoughtful gift this year. Come visit us and we'll show you the goods! Or have something shipped directly to your Dad by ordering it in our online shop.


Father's Day cards from Rifle Paper and Sugarcube Press.


Field Notes by Draplin Design Co., for those random manly jottings.


A classic comb print by Rifle Paper.


Ceramic flasks by Oakland artist Peter St.Lawrence.


Happy Father's Day poster by Horwinski Printing Co. Made in Oakland!


iPad and laptop sleeves by Willow & Company, constructed from 3mm German Merino Wool and leather.


Atticus Caramels by Helliemae's with Colorado whiskey, bourbon barrel smoked salt, and cane syrup.


The Peg and Awl Key Latch, made of reclaimed leather and hardware from WWII gunslings, and finished with a brass button stud.


The Mason Shaker, for the cocktailing dad.


The Marlowe Lunchbag by Peg & Awl – a reusable waxed canvas paperbag with a little pocket for a handwritten message.

A collection of stories on the modern complexities of fatherhood by authors, writers, musicians, and others, from the the award-winning magazine, Rad Dad.

And real, old fashioned horseshoes, for good luck.

Your dad is one lucky guy.

Nicole Grant Kriege
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A Homemade Summer Cocktail for a Sunny Three-Day Weekend

This recipe made it into our Facebook feed, and we couldn't resist sharing it with you all! With a sunny three-day weekend coming up, we hope you've reserved some time in your calendar for some inspired imbibing. Because it'd almost be a crime to turn down a lemon-infused summer cocktail on a warm day.

This recipe came to us courtesy of our friends in Brooklyn at W+P Design, who are also the inventors of a new item in our shop – the Mason Shaker. Not your ordinary cocktail shaker, it's inspired by the iconic Mason Jar and the designers' obsession with vintage kitchenware. After one too many mint juleps poured from a poorly-modified Mason Jar one summer, the idea for a better (and cooler) cocktail shaker hit them like a double shot of whiskey. After a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the Mason Shaker was born.

Lucky for us, it's now for sale in our shop! You can purchase it in our online store or just pop on down to the shop to pick it up in person. At $34, it makes for the perfect housewarming gift for drink lovers.

Happy cocktailing!




Nicole Grant Kriege
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